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Continuing a legacy of pouring our love to our country Indonesia by helping their people in needs especially in education to inspire them and create a better opportunity for young Indonesians to gain better education so they could make a difference in their home town and hopefully the whole country. As we believe education could help to fight poverty. This program is supported by Catholic Indonesian Community (CIC) Sydney.

The Live In
We go to meet and stay with them to inspire and be inspired by spending time with them. We sleep the way they sleep, eat the way they eat, involve in their activities and get to know their needs. We continue to reflect how we could make a difference in their life when we are back to Sydney, Australia.

The Presentation Night
We bring back the experience to Sydney, Australia so we could share it to everyone and to inspire them so we could bring more people and involve them in making the difference. We present all the informations and experiences with evidence of the things that they need. This night would be the platform for people to donate and to help the young Indonesians in need. We send all the donation to the place where we were living in.

Our Goals
"Give something, however small, to the one in need. For it is not small to one who has nothing. Neither it is small to God, if we have given what we could." - St. Gregory Nazianzen

  • Live in with the locals to experience and be involved with their day to day life
  • Gather information about how lacking the local education is and what would the main necessity to improve it
  • Raise fund to support better education for young Indonesians

We are Making Histories

Doa Abang 2013

Back in 2013, we, PDMKK Sydney, have a dream to help young people in Indonesia that are less fortunate in education. We then decided to help though a program called Doa Abang (Doa Anak Bangsa). As we believe, education could fight poverty. It changes the way we see things, the way we do things, and the way we dream. We are very blessed to be able to study in Australia and through this program we would like to give back to our country, Indonesia so that more less fortunate kids would be able to gain a better education. We believe a good education would improve an individual life and eventually the whole community.

In 2013, Doa Abang team went to visit Wagethe in New Guinea to get a glimpse of the students life in Paroki St. Yohanes Pemandi. We live with the locals and learnt about their daily activity, interact with the students and teachers from TK Komugai and SD YPPK and meet with the priest in the local parish.

The live in team had voluntarily paid their own expenses. We then went back to Sydney, shared and presented the experiences and information in one night event and tried to raise funds for these young people. We funded the event ourself with the total cost of AUD$1697 for 2 people with a donation of AUD$1500 from Randwick Town Hall. From the fundraising event, we managed to raised AUD$34,117.85 to help provides volunteer teachers in Waghete and help their education programs.

For more information and photos could be accessed through our facebook page here.

For Youtube video could be watched here.

Since then, our former Chaplain CIC (Catholic Indonesian Community) Sydney, Father Aloysius Tamnge has put that program as part of CIC Sydney under our (PDMKK Sydney) management to run this program.

Doa Abang 2014

In 2014, Doa Abang went to Larantuka, East Flores. We visited Likotuden Village where they planned to build a Vocation Boarding School for better education for the young people in the village. They needed a better access to school as they didn’t have a luxury of highway and such. Again, our Live In team managed to fund their our trip which cost them $5,323 for 5 people. We did the same presentation night and we managed to fund the event ourself for $4,013 and the event managed to help to build the school for AUD$57,293.29.

For more information and photos could be accessed through our facebook page here.

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