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The Doa Abang 2018 donation is aimed to provide scholarships and education support for children in Solor, starting from 2019. We partner with Hoshizora Foundation to build and deliver the aid program, as well as the progress monitoring schema. Having good understanding that synergies between the scholarships and education support factors are keys to student’s success and to create meaningful social impact, there will be three initiatives that will be performed:

  • [1] Scholarships
    Approximately 75% of the total donation will be used to fund scholarships for students on Solor Island to support their education until High School graduation. By opening the path for the students to have continuity in their study and complete High School, we are hoping to see measurable and significant social impact for the students themselves, their families and communities. We also understand that in addition to financial aid, social support and motivation building are important enablers for the children in Solor to stay in school and complete their education. Therefore, tailored mentoring and education support program will be provided for the scholarship recipients based on needs and age groups. Periodic check-in and monitoring of scholarship distribution as well as students’ performance will be also conducted so we can deliver a robust and responsible program.
  • [2] Education Forum
    An Education Forum facilitated by professional educators, psychologists and local scholarship area coordinators is another initiative that we believe will serve as a supporting factor for the children’s development. The Forum will be conducted on an annual basis for several years and comprises of two sections: The Forum for Children and The Forum for Parents and Educators. The forum for children will serve as an avenue to enhance students’ cognitive and social skills in a fun and interactive way. The Forum for Parents and Educators will serve as a platform to gather feedback, have valuable discussions and share knowledge about the support needed at home and in school to enhance children’s development. Approximately 15% of the total donation will be allocated for the Forum.
  • [4] Reading Facilities and Materials
    Despite the strong interests from the children in Solor to learn new things and read books, the facilities and books available are quite minimum. Approximately 10% of the total donation will be dedicated to provide reading facilities and children books in villages on the island. The initiative will be conducted on a regular basis for several years to help stimulate further interests in the community on reading books and to emphasise the value of learning through reading.

We look forward to seeing how these initiatives will generate positive impact for the children and community in Solor, and believe you feel the same as well. Stay tuned to hear more updates from us and thank you again for your support and generosity!

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